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Are you ashamed to smile or unable to enjoy the foods that you love because of damaged or missing teeth? Full or partial dentures from Boyle McCauley Denture Clinic may provide the solution you are looking for.

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Full Denture Service

Full dentures, also known as complete dentures, are removable appliances that replace all of the natural teeth and provide support for cheeks and lips, making it easier for the patient to speak and eat. Full dentures are available in conventional and immediate styles.


For patients who choose conventional dentures all of the teeth are removed and the mouth is allowed to heal before the denture is fabricated. This provides a much better fit because the underlying tissue is no longer healing and changing shape. The main drawback to full dentures is that the patient is without teeth during the healing time after remaining natural teeth have been extracted.


Patients who do not want to be without teeth while tissues are healing may prefer to choose immediate dentures, which are placed immediately after the remaining natural teeth are removed. In most cases immediate dentures will require modification at some point to accommodate changes to the gums and bone that have occurred while healing.

Partial Dentures

For patients with one or more missing teeth partial dentures provide a great solution, allowing them to smile confidently and filling in gaps in their smile to make talking and eating easier. Removable partial dentures also provide support to cheeks and lips so that the face does not sag and make you look older.


After a tooth is lost, nearby teeth may tilt or drift into the available space. This can affect the effectiveness of your bite, as well as placing more stress on remaining teeth and the jaw. A partial denture acts as a “space filler” to prevent the incursion of surrounding teeth and the problems that accompany such movements.

Equilibrated Dentures

Equilibrated dentures are precision crafted and personalized to fit each patient’s individual looks and requirements. The dentist will use sophisticated technology to record all of your facial information in order to recreate your original smile and restore natural contouring to your lips and facial muscles. Additional measurements may be required to assure a more precise function in jaw movement.


Equilibrated dentures are handcrafted to reflect the patient’s age, complexion and facial features and provide a beautiful smile that is unique to you. Quality equilibrated dentures offer an effective means of restoring patient confidence and providing optimum function while eating, speaking or laughing.

Denture Relines and Repairs

As we age our mouths can change shape, with gums and tissues receding and shrinking to affect the fit of your dentures. Worn or poorly fitting dentures can create conditions that encourage mouth sores, infections and other issues. Your dentist can advise you if your denture needs to be relined or rebased and also provide adjustments to relieve denture discomfort.


If you drop, break or otherwise damage your denture, do not try to repair it yourself. Some over-the-counter adhesives can actually damage the acrylic and make a problem worse.

For more information about dentures and whether they are right for you, please contact our office.

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